Fees and Packages

Fees and Packages

Achieving distinction in today’s online environment is about so much more than an attractive website peppered with three or four key words.  The most effective digital marketing strategies are those which twin online and offline goals, are forward-thinking and ROI-driven.  We recognise this and will lead clients through a customised process designed at delivering an exemplary solution to their unique business requirements.  This could include:

  •          Performing a diagnostic exercise to ascertain a business’ true position in the digital marketplace, identify which existing online initiatives are working and which are not
  •          Gaining the buy-in of management teams and other key stakeholders
  •          Clarifying the reasoning behind a firm’s current online engagement tools and strategies
  •          Identifying what clients need in order to achieve their business goals, within available resources
  •          Proposing a schedule of works
  •          Launching the new strategy and measuring its results

Effective strategies are born from knowing exactly where you want your business to go.  Please contact us to find out more.


We’ve found that most ad agencies prefer flexible service agreements, engaging our consultants to provide on-call assistance, either per project or on an hourly rate.  To save you time, we are also able to represent your agency and attend client meetings, presentations, or planning and strategy meetings when necessary.

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Large Enterprises

Many marketing professionals of large enterprises struggle to manage multiple online technologies and platforms.   Digital Resource can help to simplify this for you and target your efforts to maximise ROI and revenue opportunities. We can operate on a retainer, on-call hourly rate, or provide one-off turnkey solutions.

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