Advertising & Media Agencies

Expert Digital Resource for Advertising & Media Agencies

We know that small-to-medium sized agencies in New Zealand do phenomenal work for their clients.  We also know however, that agencies don’t always have online marketing expertise on tap.  That’s where Digital Resource can help. We provide project based consultation, come in when you need us or work for you on a monthly retainer, operating as a virtual employee for your agency.

Engaging the skills of Digital Resource will enable you to offer a much wider value proposition to your clients, and instantly expand your resource portfolio.  All this without the administrative burden of recruiting, training and managing employees.

In other words, your clients receive first-class digital expertise while you continue to focus on your core business and let our competitive rates boost your margin… starting today.

On Call Search Engine Optimisation Consultants

The team at Digital Resource has honed their SEO strategy and consulting services over many years and knows most every avenue possible to boost website rankings.  We can accommodate agencies of all sizes and whether you’d prefer us to directly manage projects with a client or operate under a SEO reseller agreement, we have a solution for you.

On-Call Search Engine Marketing Consultants

SEM has evolved rapidly in the last few years.  The rise of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in particular has been marked due its cost effective performance and ability to drive targeted traffic.  Although it sounds simple, PPC marketing is a specialised field, vulnerable to the oft-changing rules of search engines and the whims of digital users.  For this reason, results-driven PPC requires skilled Google Adwords consultants to run efficient campaigns.  We offer a variety of services from account setup, existing account audits and even on-going management on behalf of your agency.

On-Call Conversion Rate Optimisation & Google Analytics Consultants

At Digital Resource, we don’t optimise for conversions nearly so much as we optimise for revenue.  With an understanding of the science and discipline of conversion rate optimisation as well as the invaluable analytical prowess of Google Analytics, we can help your clients begin to maximise online revenue opportunities.  While generally project-based work, if your clients have large, complex websites, we can provide on-call advice or a set amount of hours each month.

The bottom line is that effectively integrating SEO and SEM marketing efforts will get you optimal results every time.  Contact us today and start providing your clients with digital expertise at affordable rates, when you need it.