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Online Expertise for Large New Zealand Enterprises

Drive Online Sales and Revenue Without the Cost of Hiring Full-Time Staff

Do you feel that the digital revolution is passing you by?  Are you disappointed that your market share has stagnated while your competitors enjoy double-digit growth?  You’re not alone.

The growth of the digital marketplace, the advent of thought-leadership and the increasing levels of consumer sophistication present an unprecedented set of challenges as well as opportunities for businesses to boost their market offerings and revenue exponentially.

One mistake that many organisations make however, is imagining digital marketing to be an alternative rather than a complement to traditional marketing strategies.  The most effective campaigns are in fact those which incorporate a firm’s digital strategy into the overall marketing mix and which are forward-thinking and ROI-driven.  This is a point of strength for Digital Resource who, through years of experience working for some of New Zealand’s largest corporations, is able to support cohesive multi-platform campaigns geared at maximising brand salience, consumer reach and revenue opportunities.

Moreover, unlike many of our competitors, we are able to fast-track your entry into online advertising and quickly deliver results across the full spectrum of SEO, PPC, Google Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation platforms.

Out-source SEO & Watch Traffic to Your Site & Revenue Grow

Businesses who do not innovate, stagnate.  Today’s smart business leaders understand the power and scalability of search engine traffic: those who invest early gain a long-term advantage over their competitors.  Contact us today and leverage on years of experience which have afforded us the ability to guarantee that you get the results you want.

We offer the following SEO consulting services:

  • One-time SEO projects – calculated at a fixed price;
  • On-going SEO retainer – calculated at an agreed-upon number of hours each month;
  • SEO Consulting and advice – ideal for an established digital team that requires validation and strategy advice.

PPC Consulting or On-going Account Management & Optimisation

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising has been widely adopted by businesses internationally and is proving to be one of the most effective mediums to acquire new customers.  However, in New Zealand, many businesses fail to truly grasp the effectiveness of a well-run Google Adwords Account.  This is actually good news for you, as you can be among the first to capitalise on this tool and begin selling your products directly to the over 70% of New Zealanders using search engines daily.

Our team has years of experience running tactical and ‘always-on’ search marketing campaigns for large and complex businesses across a variety of industries.  We have both the technical ability and commercial acumen to develop a strategy to support any business model or objective.

We can offer you the following search engine marketing services:

  • One time PPC projects or account setup – we research, establish and create the account and advertisements.  We will then train your staff how to effectively manage and grow the account moving forward;
  • Adwords Account Audit
  • On-going SEM account management as needed or for a set number of hours per month.

Conversion Rate Optimisation, Google Analytics Implementation & Support

Does your site already receive a large amount of monthly visitors?  Website Conversion Rate Optimisation is an effective mechanism to convert visitors to long-term customers.  By analysing the sales funnel coupled with on-site behaviour, we can develop more effective landing page content and design to generate greater leads, direct sales and engagement levels.

We can provide you with the following services:

  • A/B split testing – fixed fee;
  • Multivariate testing – fixed fee;
  • Sales funnel analysis and consultation – hourly rate

Google Analytics is also a fantastic tool; however, it is often underutilised.  The shared volume of data available within the interface alone can frustrate marketing professionals who find it difficult to gain actionable insights.

Digital Resource specialises in the setup and configuration of Google Analytics accounts, ensuring that the reports you receive contain the numbers and insights that you need to better inform your marketing decisions.  Through well-configured analytics installation, we package data in visual and easy-to-read formats so that you can seamlessly analyse and evaluate the performance of paid traffic sources, content engagement rates and consumers’ online buying behaviour.

We can provide you with the following Google Analytics services:

  • Account setup – fixed fee;
  • Configuration of an existing analytics account – fixed fee or hourly rate;
  • Google Analytics reporting – fixed fee.

 Digital marketing comprises a number of complex disciplines, all of which must be integrated with precision in order to maximise your online footprint and impact.  Digital Resource is able to provide this turnkey experience while still delivering an exceptionally personal level of customer service.  Contact us today to find out more.