Google Analytics

A Google Analytics Company that Makes Data Actionable

Decisions made on incorrect data are costly.  We can ensure you have the data you need to run your business, right now.

It is no surprise that Google Analytics (GA) is the most highly utilised online analytics and reporting tool in the history of the internet.  In a world that never sleeps, real-time evaluation of digital marketing campaigns is often where competitive advantage is won or lost.   However, while approximately 56% of all websites use GA to track user behaviour and site performance, only a fraction of these effectively realise its full potential.

When used correctly, Google Analytics is an immeasurably powerful tool.  We want you to harness this power and receive the essential market data that you need to boost online revenue, leads and user engagement while significantly reducing media costs.  For this reason, Digital Resource specialises in the installation, specialty configuration and use of this gold-standard reporting tool and is able to initiate robust tracking tools, strategies and solutions unique to your requirements.

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Depending on your brief, we can to support your organisation with anything from an existing report tweak to a full turnkey GA solution.

Existing Account Audits

Inaccurate or polluted tracking data can often be traced back to the incorrect installation and configuration of tracking code, making a full site audit an essential investment.  We will review your site’s current GA installation and account structure to determine whether it is operating according to best practices and if appropriate funnels, filters and reports have been created.

If you suspect that data within your account might not be accurate or match your actual sales figures, we would strongly suggest you undertake a full account audit to isolate the potential cause(s).

New Account Creation & Customisation of Code

For new websites or for those with poorly structured accounts, we will create a new account.  We can craft and provide the code with detailed instructions on how and where to install it or alternatively liaise directly with your website developers to closely manage the process ourselves.

Structure Accounts According to Best Practice Standards

Many online companies and in-house IT teams are unaware how to establish GA accounts so as to provide seamless management and delivery of insights.  We can structure your account according to standards of best practice, including that it sits independently and can be moved or attached to other shell or ‘Roll-up’ accounts for easy management.  We can also restructure accounts and provide technical recommendations to ensure your business receives the full potential benefits of this investment.

Code Customisation

Accurate insights lead to better business reporting.  Google Analytics code can be customised to capture and report the full spectrum of data that you need to inform key business decisions.  This simply is not available with a standard installation.

Many of our clients also utilise multiple web properties, sub-domains and third-party provider sites that visitors can access from the main site. We customise the tracking code to afford you a complete view of the visitors’ journey as they transverse the various domains, offering insights into their behaviour and in particular highlighting when and where they make purchase decisions.

Not sure whether your site uses multiple domains?  Not a problem.  We can provide analysis and accordant recommendations so that code can be customised appropriately to tell you what you need to know.  Detailed instructions along with the customised ready-to-go code parcels will then be sent to your developers.

Tracking Strategy

The old adage ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ rings especially true for organisations operating in the digital age.  GA offers a near-bewildering array of tracking metrics, making the process of selection a rather daunting task.  However, it is essential that your organisation develops a thoughtful and well-researched tracking strategy at the outset as this directly affects whether or not your business receives the data needed to drive advertising and marketing decisions and continuously increase ROI.

Digital Resource can help by providing you with a full strategy to track and test your website’s message and content as well as provide invaluable insights into visitor engagement, purchasing behaviour and other key business intelligence metrics.

Customised Reports

In many instances, a website will have a cache of rich Google Analytics data that has been collected over a number of years. Sounds great, but the catch is that many clients do not know how to utilise this data to its full potential in order to help their business grow.  Although the Google Analytics interface provides standard reports, customised reports allow for a much deeper level of analysis.

Digital Resource is able to create personalised reports which are unique to your business and which deliver the accurate and actionable information that you need.  For instance, product conversion rate vs transactions; top converting traffic sources; unique visitors vs revenue.  Our reports will help you determine if what you’re doing is delivering the results you want, and if not, indicate how this can be rectified.