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Is Your Online Advertising Delivering Results?

Partner with the Team that Knows How You Can Achieve Double-Digit Growth

In an environment where increasing numbers of media platforms compete for decreasing consumer attention, organisations need to focus resources on standing out and staying ahead of their competitors.  For many, this means engaging class-leading firms such as Digital Resource to incorporate robust digital strategies into their organisation’s overall marketing mix.  Any why not?  Our results can range from greater brand salience and consumer reach to exponential gains in revenue, ROI and consumer loyalty.

Digital marketing is a multi-layered discipline which cannot operate well in a vacuum, but rather is most effective when part of the dynamic interplay between all aspects of an organisation’s marketing strategy.   In short, it is a field requiring expert insight but guaranteeing big results.  Whether you’re looking to drive targeted search engine traffic, improve website conversion rates, increase your websites natural rankings, or gain insight around online visitor behaviour; partnering with Digital Resource will see you well on the way to double-digit growth within just a short timeframe.

Digital Resource is a team of experts who provide high-quality practical marketing direction and technical expertise to organisations seeking an exceptional ROI for their online marketing investments.  Our team of experienced online marketers develop bespoke strategies that complement and enhance your business model, driving more sales, leads, transactions and consumer engagement.  The range of online marketing services we offer to agencies and large enterprises can be found below:

Search Engine Marketing

Capture Visitors at the Very Moment they Search for Your Product or Service

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads allow you to present your product or service to prospective buyers at the very moment of the purchasing process when they are willing and able to buy it!  With PPC, you are guaranteed to reach your target audience in real-time, maximising the potential of ‘closing the deal’.  PPC ads are immediately measurable, cost effective, scalable and can be customised to suit your budget with absolute precision.  Take the guesswork out of marketing and contact us today to start receiving sales leads in as little as two hours!

Google Analytics

Track & Measure Engagement, Sales & Online Customer Behaviour

In a world that never sleeps, real-time evaluation of digital marketing campaigns is often where competitive advantage is won or lost.  Harness the power of Google Analytics and receive the essential market data that you need to boost online revenue, leads and user engagement while significantly reducing media costs.  Our consultants have helped many of New Zealand’s largest companies to customise and navigate this gold standard reporting tool to get dramatic results.  Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates – Make the Same Traffic Convert More Often

Conversion Rate Optimisation can provide your organisation with an increase in online leads and revenue today.  The key lies in understanding consumer behaviour and knowing what they need in order to commit to a purchasing decision.  We can analyse your website persuasion architecture, historical tracking data and conduct layout and multivariate testing to determine exactly what leads your customers to buy.  Don’t miss out – contact us and begin increasing online revenue today!


Optimise Your Site to Capture Free Search Engine That Converts!

Need more authentic site traffic?  Organic search engine marketing sits at the core of any successful online marketing strategy.  It is a free marketing tool that can help you to successfully capture the genuine, long-term traffic you need to maximise online sales.  Our consultants optimise websites using a variety of cutting-edge methodologies to place you ahead of your competitors and reduce reliance on paid traffic sources. Not convinced?  Contact us to arrange a high-level audit which will show you exactly what you can do to improve your website’s performance and ROI today.