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Target users searching at the exact moment they’re conducting research and looking to buy.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is one of the most targeted and effective online traffic sources available to businesses today. The quality and performance of PPC ads can far exceed the results delivered by any other marketing medium, meaning that you can quickly and cost-effectively maximise your revenue and brand awareness opportunities.

At Digital Resource, we understand the complexity of PPC marketing and recognise that rather than operating within a vacuum, PPC initiatives are most effective when part of the dynamic interplay between all aspects of your marketing strategies.

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By twinning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies, Digital Resource can help clients achieve dramatic increases in online sales, leads, on-site interaction as well as exposure to potential new markets.   We specialise in creating high performance paid search campaigns that run across a wide range of industries such as automotive, health, finance, FMCG, electronics, gambling and more.  All of our campaigns also leverage off multiple online platforms to maximise consumer reach and salience.

Unlike many search engine marketing firms who claim to be Google Adwords experts, Digital Resource focuses on increasing the quality of your links rather than mere quantity.  Of course, we will provide you with more traffic, but more importantly will work to optimise your online resources to secure greater revenue.

Our professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering optimal results differentiate us from other Google Adwords companies. In addition, we can provide PPC training to your team so that you can manage future campaigns in-house.

PPC Search Strategy & Campaign Build

When it comes to PPC, our plan of action is always to deliver the best results rather than encourage the costliest ad spend.

To maximise results in this complex marketing channel, we will firstly analyse historical SEM campaigns, existing website analytics and data from a range of other third-party research tools in order to develop an ROI-driven strategy for your business.  A detailed worksheet is developed for internal review which includes industry buzzwords and creative material crafted specifically for your business.  Years of experience working in various search engine marketing companies has taught us the strategies you need to know to out-perform your competitors in the digital arena.  These generally start with four core components:

On-going Google Adwords Management & Optimisation

A proficient PPC agency can offer you a macro strategy while monitoring account performance at a micro level.  Our Google Adwords experts are proud to offer this, ensuring that your campaign is revenue and ROI driven.  In addition to monitoring key metrics such as ad click through rates (CTR), keyword bids, cost per clicks (CPCs) and keyword quality scores, we can advise you on other strategies geared at maximising your investment.  For instance, crafting your AdWords selling points to stand out from your competitors and ensuring that landing page content is conversion optimised.

If you’re unsure about the performance of your current Google Advertising campaign, we can audit your existing paid search account and provide a detailed overview of its strength and effectiveness.  Contact us to schedule an audit or to discuss how we could become your in-house Google Adwords experts today.

SEM Reporting

Your time is extremely valuable.  There is no reason why you need to spend hours poring over poorly analysed documents with inactionable figures.  This is why our reports are visual, customised to your needs and provide the data that you need to immediately ascertain campaign effectiveness and determine your next step.

Our reports include:

  • Analysis of campaigns and ad groups including metrics such as ad impressions, CTRs, clicks, CPCs,  spend and Impression share (IS);
  • The top performing ad creative by impressions, click volume, CTR and cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA) or sales (CPS);
  • The top performing ad groups and keywords by click volume, CTR, CPCs and cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA) or sales (CPS);
  • On-site visitor engagement by campaign, ad group and keyword.

Tactical Campaigns & Up-Weights

Online tactical campaigns are most effective when managed in support of ‘above-the-line’ initiatives that may be running on mediums such as TV, print or radio.  While these campaigns generate consumer interest, a paid search is often what closes the sale.  Digital Resource has significant experience in managing such campaigns holistically and works to increase your brand’s salience while appropriately channelling purchasing intent.

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