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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimising a website in order to improve its ranking for organic (non-paid) search results.  Organic search marketing sits at the core of any successful online marketing strategy, and for this reason we specialise in the planning and execution of SEO projects for clients seeking genuine, long-term traffic to their website.  Simply put, in 2013, if consumers identify a product or service need, they will turn to the internet to explore options, prices, seek reviews and ultimately, commit.  If you’re in business today, you need your target markets to be able to find you.  An SEO campaign could be the perfect solution.

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Why you need an SEO specialist

SEO marketing has grown in complexity in the past few years, as search engines have developed extremely advanced and dynamic algorithms.  They can now detect ‘Black Hat SEO’ tactics much more easily, meaning that any attempts to ‘outsmart’ them can be devastating and lead to the de-indexation of your website or other severe, long-lasting penalties.

The good news is that SEO is a free marketing tool and by investing in research and clear strategy at the outset, you can get the traffic and the rank positioning that you want.

We will seek first to understand the distinctive needs and challenges of your business and the competitive landscape within which you operate.  We will then follow a meticulous process designed around the most practical SEO methodologies that we’ve learned from years of experience in this field. Our plans deliver long-term results that direct targeted organic traffic to your site, reducing its reliance on paid traffic sources.

A brief overview of our SEO process is supplied below:

SEO Health Check

An SEO health check is a high-level audit of your website that measures key metrics to ascertain how well your site is doing in organic searches. We use a variety of tools, data sources, and analytics tools to complete the audit and use the data to inform a directionally accurate SEO strategy and action plan. For instance, if your competitors outrank you for common industry keywords, our SEO audit will give you a list of the reasons why, which you can then rectify with a thoughtfully crafted plan.

SEO Research, Planning & Strategy

This phase of the optimisation process is crucial as it determines the scale of work required to start improving your site’s rankings. Using findings from the site audit, in addition to detailed research and competitor analysis, a customised SEO strategy will be developed to address any existing issues and begin building authority (or ‘salience’ as the concept is known to many traditional marketers) on your site.

On-page SEO Audit

The on-page SEO audit is comprehensive and evaluates your site against 50 different elements used by search engines to rank websites.  Every key page is analysed and a detailed report provided with feedback and recommendations. This includes a thorough review of technical aspects of your site such as htaccess and robots.txt files, redirects, duplicate pages, duplicate content, server side errors, cookies, session IDs and Flash content.

The second part of the SEO audit focuses on site navigation, internal linking, images and content. Google recently released “Panda”, which was a significant update to their ranking algorithm and focused heavily on analysing website content and measuring how engaging and useful it is to users. Our audit will highlight problematic areas on your site and help determine the steps to be taken in order to correct them.

Link Building Strategies & Competitor Analysis

Link building is a vital component of the optimisation process.  We develop a customised link building strategy that immediately generates backlinks to your site naturally. Our company uses over 75 different link building methods to generate links that are effective, organic and specifically targeted to improve your websites search engine rankings.

In April 2012, Google released another significant algorithm update called “Penguin” that focused on the quality, type, and anchor text of backlinks. Many sites experienced significant declines in traffic and lost business as a result.

The good news for your organisation is that our strategies support only high-quality contextual link building, content generation, and sharing to ensure that links are acquired naturally and deliver long-term results.  Technical descriptions aside, SEO will ensure that the customers you want, find your site.

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